Sales and customer interaction

CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management systems) play an important role in enterprises where they work with a large number of consumers of their product or service. The main purpose of these systems is to streamline, systematize and simplify the company's interaction with its customers, as well as optimize work within the team.
Such systems build document flow, interaction and financial flows between customers and business, ensure accurate collection and classification of data by customer base, simplify work with the sales funnel and current contracts.
There are a lot of ready-made CRM systems for business that can be used at enterprises. But they do not always meet all the needs of the company and its processes. If the system is designed for small or medium-sized businesses, then you should not expect that it will be effective for a large corporation that requires huge flows of information online and high loads. Conversely, it is not necessary to apply a solution that is intended for giant corporations to small businesses.

The same is true with the specifics of business: systems that are convenient for logistics companies will be inconvenient for companies that provide services for organizing holidays or services for developing the design of packaging of consumer goods. Each area has its own special nuances that the universal system may not take into account. The specifics of a business may require special functionality and interfaces that will adapt as much as possible to the needs and type of business. This can be achieved by custom individual solutions – individual development and configuration of the system for the specific needs of the company.
The main areas of automation
Managing incoming requests
Incoming leads – fixing, passing control, analysis, conversion. Real-time display of results.
Managing outgoing contacts
Setting up a contact strategy - plans and goals for managers by the number and types of contacts with clients.
Managing interaction with the existing customer base
Online information about the workload of the contact center, response time to requests, feedback from customers, loyalty measurements.
Sales planning and analysis
Setting and generating KPIs based on the results of the period, displaying team results, etc.
Optimization of sales and service processes
Analysis, development of sales and service algorithms.
Integration with external and internal INF systems and services.
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