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Eurostudio specialises in outsourced .NET development, building high-end software solutions in a cost-effective way. Our 100% in-house team provides excellent quality and seamless project delivery. Depending on your business needs, we will develop a solution from scratch or enhance the existing system.

Business Automation By using .NET and SQL Server, we can optimize and automate virtually any business process. We thoroughly analyze existing workflows, build models and develop reliable, elastic solutions that blend seamlessly with existing systems and hardware.

Native .NET Applications Our focus is building desktop and web apps for MS Windows based on .NET and ASP.NET technologies. Be it a credit-scoring system for a mortgage agency or a CRM system for a medical institution, our team has the expertise to devise software solutions tailored to your exact business needs.

Database Design & Development We model and develop a variety of databases based on Microsoft SQL server, MySQL and SQLite. From mailing systems to real-time data aggregation from hundreds of retail outlets - Whatever the complexity of the project, we have a smart solution to solve the problem.

Android & iOS Apps Our mobile development team delivers worldclass apps for Android and iOS. We combine years of expertise in UX design, proven product management skills and top tech talents to create fast and reliable mobile products for clients from a wide variety of industries.
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Our recent projects
Business automation for a mortgage company (USA).
Price-setting automation and analysis (USA)
Car alarm widget for Android (Russia)
Business automation for a mortgage company (USA). Working together for over 10 years, we developed and built a business automation tool for credit scoring. This analyzes data from over 500 mortgage broker agencies and 80 banks to simplify scoring procedures, decision making and reports.
Technologies used:

OS Windows 32/64-bit, .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 2014 Internet Information Services 6.0 - 7.0, Web Services, Microsoft ASP.NET/C#

Сhallenges met
  • Solution had to be compatible with other relevant e-commerce services in the US market.
  • System automates credit scoring with over 50 input parameters.
  • The tool gauges credit history of a customer and enables mortgage brokers approve or decline applications based on the calculated risks.
  • One may adjust the process of mortgage package selection as well as a the format of the results presented.
Price-setting automation and analysis (USA) We created a solution that simplifies price-setting and analysis for a nationwide pharma retailer. A client Web app and a database aggregate information from every outlet of the chain.
Technologies used:

OS Windows Server 32/64-bit, .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Internet Information Services 7.0, Web Services, Microsoft ASP.NET/C#

Сhallenges met
  • The data needed to be consolidated in a single database that can be accessed and used from a number of cities.
  • Price-setting was automated daily based on a data input of over 100 price-lists and 500k articles from the entire retail chain.
  • The system features a price analytics tool based on automated math algorithms and formulas.
  • Each data point related to the price change at any outlet can be tracked down and analyzed.
Car alarm widget for Android (Russia) We developed an Android widget that works with "Pandora DXL 3700" car alarm system or similar model. This enables remote control of a vehicle and provides updates on its current status and location.
Technologies used:

OS Android 2.2 or higher, Android SDK for Windows, Eclipse IDE for Web Developers, Java, SQLite, Windows 7 as a development and debugging platform

Сhallenges met
  • A user must be able to control a car remotely via the widget and a connection. The doors and the trunk of the car need to be locked / unlocked separately.
  • The app needs to start, stop or block a car engine. This also involves scheduling these actions or binding them to the current temperature.
  • The user will receive voice updates regarding the current state of the car in real time, be it alarm messages or system status notifications.
  • If the alarm system features a GPS transmitter, the widget requests current coordinates and displays the car’s location on Google Maps.
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