Personal accounts of clients and partners

The functions and tasks performed by the user's personal account are clear to almost everyone today. All of us, one way or another, register on various information resources, enter our data, after which we are allocated a special space on the server – a personal account where information, orders, requests, files are stored.
A personal account is a window through which an individual or legal entity interacts with an organization. A personal account is a good sales tool. For B2B, the personal account is a tool for informing, exchanging documents, training and registering suppliers or distributors of products.

In the processes of customer support and support, a personal account is one of the most effective tools for business. Through it, the client changes the pricing conditions, orders additional services, deposits funds to the account and receives technical support for the product or service.
Tasks of personal accounts
Loyalty program
Instructions, regulations, etc.
Current documents
Bonus programs
Company news and promotions
Payment history, etc.
Tracking of deliveries
Adding funds to your account
Enabling / disabling services
Individual programs
Product portfolio
Individual offers and conditions
Discounts, bonus programs
Exchange of electronic documents, etc.
Claim work
Collecting feedback
User support
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