Electronic document management

We offer solutions depending on the specifics of the business and the specific tasks of the customer. Sometimes, as in the case of MDM-bank, document flow is only the exchange of documents within different departments of the organization.
In another case, it is an exchange of documents with an extensive retail network of pharmacies, as in the Quatrain case.

And sometimes we start from the task of creating a system for monitoring and controlling the execution of orders within the organization.
The first thing that clients come to us for development is, as a rule,the tasks of translating paper document flow into digital. Despite the widespread introduction of figures into business life, many more operations in the production part are done on paper. Or, in the best case, the exchange takes place via email.
Coordination and control of deadlines and statuses of execution of orders and operations, distribution of responsibility and deadlines for tasks. Reflection of information about which of the employees has a document on execution, about the statuses of tasks.
Managing orders
The main areas of automation
Electronic approval and signing of protocols, memos, statements, orders and instructions.
Internal document flow
Preparation, approval within the company and sending letters, contracts, protocols, etc. of outgoing documentation for signature to responsible persons. Control of the passage and execution of incoming documents by employees. Preparation of analytics for the execution of regulatory deadlines.
Outgoing and incoming documents
In distributed and holding companies-instant exchange and structuring of corporate information, ensuring uninterrupted access to the necessary materials, depending on the roles and types of tasks.
Interaction between branches
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