Electronic document management

Sometimes, like in the case of MDM bank, the document flow is merely an exchange between company divisions. At other times, it can be document exchange with an extensive retail pharmacy network, similar to the Katren case.

Occasionally we are faced with the task of creating an order execution monitoring system within the organization.
A proper EDM helps businesses save resources and establish document flow within an organization.
The first customer need which we deal with is often a necessity of converting paper workflow to digital.There are still a lot of business operations that are performed by paper methods or at best using email for document exchange operations, despite the onset of the digital age. We offer solutions taking into account the nature and processes of the business, as well as the specific goals of the client.
Timing control and operation execution status monitoring, task deadlines and responsibilities distribution.Transparent process coordination system.
Workflow systems
Main automation areas:
Protocols, memos, statements, orders and instructions, digital approval and signature.
Internal document flow
Instant corporate information exchange and structuring for distributed and holding companies, uninterrupted documents accessibility, depending on the roles and task types.
Branch office interactions
Document preparation, approval and submission for signature.
Incoming document workflow control. Scheduled deadline execution analytics preparation.
Outgoing and incoming documents