Automation of production processes

Regardless of whether you produce products or provide services, the task of reducing production costs is one of the key tasks of the company's management. When we talk about costs, we equally evaluate both time and cost indicators.

Automation of production essentially involves the replacement of manual labor with machine labor. Today – it is mainly a request for digitalization of the enterprise's business processes. Reducing the time for performing standard operations, simplifying the processes of cross-interaction between departments within the company and sellers.
Designing and planning
Selection of suppliers of components and materials
Calculation of price parameters, tariffs and product costs
Creation and modification of new products and services
Planning of resources and deadlines
Using the capabilities of electronic trading platforms
Using a set of methods, statistics and methodologies
Based on customer experience and analytics
Creating new technologies for production, planning and process activities and adopting the best experience
Control of the execution time of operations
Analysis of product/service quality indicators and processes
Control of supply chains/project management
Human resource management
By collecting real-time data and measuring quality indicators at each stage of the production chain
Due to the unified digital system of assignment and control of tasks
Preventive diagnostics based on BIg Data
Rapid localization of accidents and failures
Analysis of product quality indicators
By automating the process of monitoring the key parameters of the manufactured product
Short-and long-term mathematical forecasting based on information from sensors and machine learning
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