Corporate websites

A corporate website today is something more than a company's representation on the web. This is a powerful communication tool for partners, potential customers and employees of the company. This is the most effective way to convey information about the brand, products, philosophy and mission of the company to the world.

In addition, a corporate website can become a powerful selling tool that contributes to the development and achievement of the company's business goals.

Tasks of a corporate website

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    Inform about goods and services
    In the conditions of the fiercest competition and against the background of an overabundance of information on the Internet, a potential client, clicking on the link of your site, from the first page should understand who you are, what you do and what is your advantage over other companies in this industry. The decision to stay on the site or close the tab is made on average within 1 minute of viewing the main and main pages of the site. If the information is not structured, redundant, or, conversely, insufficient for understanding, your potential client will not stay on the site longer.

    Trust in your company is formed on the basis of the following factors:

    Openness. Information about products, services and prices should be described in as much detail as possible in the relevant sections of the site. The more detailed information about the company and its activities is disclosed on the site, the higher the degree of customer confidence.

    Professionalism. The visitor should make sure that you are professionals in your field. This is achieved in various ways, including through portfolios, blogs and sections about your company. It is advisable to show not only examples of your work, but also the people who are behind these examples — employees of your company.

    Interactivity. Communication with your company should be available in one click. Call, callback, feedback form, chats — the client should see that you are open to dialogue and prompt in responding to his questions. The simplicity of contact and, most importantly, the reaction time is important here. If you do not respond to the application form sent by the client within 15 minutes, the client and the application are lost for you forever.
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    Create a positive image
    The strength and philosophy of the brand in the modern information environment is becoming increasingly important today. A brand today is a combination of three components: a product, symbolism and a concept. Information about products, services, as well as graphic visualization — website design and company logo — are the key and basic components of a corporate website.

    As for the third component — the brand concept, here the task becomes more complex and no less important than telling about the company and services. Against the background of the identity of the majority of products produced today, an increasingly significant share in the consumer's decision-making is occupied by an emotional connection with the brand. Therefore, more and more modern large brands are forming a clear, understandable, brand concept or philosophy aimed at the interests of their target audience. This can be expressed both in the basic strategic components, such as the vision, mission of the company, and in social positions, such as attitude to the environment, to the philosophy of consumption and other socially important problems of modern society. If the client responds emotionally to the messages that the company carries with its brand, the probability of buying a product or service increases significantly.

    All these components should be taken into account when developing a corporate website. Their description, interrelation and visualization are a key factor in the formation of trust, positive perception and willingness to cooperate between the company and the client.
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    Encourage to buy
    The corporate website is the main channel for promoting the company's products and services. It can become an effective advertising platform if you place information about the company's promotions and special offers on it. And such advertising will cost many times cheaper than other promotion channels. One of the most popular solutions for today is the combination of a corporate website and an online store of the company on one site.
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    Attract new employees to the team
    The first thing that an applicant looks at today after reading information about a vacancy on recruiting platforms is, of course, the corporate website of a potential employer. And, if the site displays information about the corporate life of the company, posted photos of employees, office and corporate life, the probability of a response increases significantly. Also, a popular section of the site is career, where you can post information about all vacancies of the company.