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website design, html & css coding, development


Wacontact social network, Switzerland

Swiss social network that offers its users:
- to register on the site;
- to create the page of their own with information;
- to upload photo albums and videos;
- to search for people for romantic relationships, work and travel;
- to actively communicate with other users of the site.

Comfortable and lively interface of the site provides users the feeling of ease and comfort.

Industry: Art & entertainment
Scope of work: website design, html & css coding, development


This Swiss project is similar to the social network "V kontakte". The users register on the site, download their data: description, biography, photos, video etc.  After that they can look for the like-minded persons, correspond with them, chat as well as have a lot of other opportunities. The site consists of 3 parts:

  • Dating – people search for romantic relations;
  • Voyage – fellow-travellers search for any kind of trips; 
  • GetJob – the part for the employers and employees.


Tools and utilities:

PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, Zend Framework, Adobe Flash, Action Script


Main features:

  • Dating
    1. The user's registration with entering the detailed information;
    2. Editing various data, life style description, search criteria etc.
    3. Ability to download photos, video (with automatic convertion);
    4. Ability to add users to the friends' list, correspondence etc. 
    5. Flash-chat with other users
  • Voyage
    1. Functionality is similar to the part "Dating", exepting several details. For example, subdividing groups by categories-interests to provide the user the search exactly in his group.
  • GetJob
    1. Registration of a candidate or an employer;
    2. Entering a detailed description of the company and the candidates demanded (for a company);
    3. Resume placementand video; 
    4. Search ability; 
    5. Correspondence and chat similar to the part "Dating".