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Alpine skiing equipment rental, USA

Multifunctional system of ski equipment rental.

The system provides its clients with opportunities:
- Online rental of ski equipment;
- Order placement for a large group of people;
- A variety of discounts and coupons;
- Flexible payment;

Industry: Sport, tourism and leisure
Scope of work: development


This application is developed for customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, England and Mexico that provides capability to hire mointain skis and snowboards online.The project budget is ~ 550 working hours. For the project support it is spent ~ 750 working hours.

The clients can choose the e-shop where they would like to hire mountain skiing equipment, the number of people and sets of ski and snowboards as well as the hiring period. After the choice is made they pay an online deposit. 

The system anticipates several types of the users: travel bureau agents and wholesalers. The clients of such kind can make the groups with large ammount of people and make one order for the whole group.

Tools and utilities:

PHP 4, MySQL 4.1, AJAX (JsHttpRequest), Authorize.Net AIM Integration.

Main features:

  • 8 various types of the users (Super Administrator, Reservation Administrator, Wholesale Administrator, Agency, Agency User, Store Manager, Store User, Retail User);
  • Equipment catalogue for hiring;
  • Managing the list of the stores; Capability to find the availability of the equipment in each store; 
  • Viewing and editing the information about the registered users;
  • Oder taking from tourist agencies and wholesalers. Their registration in the system.
  • Edititing the variability of the equipment prices for wholesalers and agencies;
  • Creation and viewing the orders. Order and archives history;
  • Available vacancies in Christy Sports stores.
  • Integration with Google Maps.
  • Coupon managing. Statisctics of coupon usage; 
  • More than 10 different types of the reports for orders, users, equipment, stores etc.
  • Usage of JAX technology.