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Webdesign and software development company


Staff Scheduling Application for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels

This web application was developed for a team of experts with over 30 years of scheduling experience in the restaurant, retail, and customer service industries.

The company's goal is to provide the most simple, flexible, yet realistic work scheduling solution to the ever-changing demands of today

Industry: Restaurants and food
Scope of work: Webdesign and software development company


Developing an application that allows planning scheduler of the company's staff. Application should have the following features: a system of roles: administrator, sales representative, company manager, employee; an ability to allow administrator to manage sales representatives & managers of the company; to allow sales representative to manage list of the company's managers; an ability to manage list of employees, create a schedule, manage list of jobs etc.


We developed an application that allows creating and managing schedules for staff. Application completely meets all requirements listed above. Functionality for 4 user roles is realized in application: Administrator, Sales Representative, Company manager, Employee. Functionality realized for each role is described in Features part.

Tools and utilities:

The Web application was developed using PHP/My SQL Server technologies . Site is performed on Linux platform.





Main features:


Admin's abilities:

  • To manage sales representatives, company managers;
  • To view reports about payments made;
  • To create Paycheck for Sale Representative.

Sales Representative 's abilities:

  • To manage company managers;
  • To view reports about clients' payments.

 Company Manager 's abilities:

  • To manage the general list of jobs,employees' list;
  • To define a basic job and list of additional jobs for each employee;
  • To review and manage list of Days Off & Availability requests;
  • To manage employees' schedule;
  • To review reports (hours & wages) of each employee for a week;
  • To review reports (hours, wages, scheduled employees) for a day for each group of employees or/and for all of them;
  • To create Par Level for every day;
  • To send Emails to employees selected from the list;
  • To print schedule for a week;to print list of employees.