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website design, html & css coding, development, flash


Profil Design Systems website, Switzerland

This multilingual website is developed for the company working in the sphere of production and selling goods to cover facades.

The main task of the site is to display and manage the products' catalog with a complex data structure.

The site administration is conducted by EuroCMS.

Industry: Equipment & materials
Scope of work: website design, html & css coding, development, flash


To develop a website of the company that deals with manufacturing and selling products for facing facades. The site's online catalog presents different profiles for cladding (both internal and external) of buildings of various types. The system supports 4 languages.

Tools and utilities:

PHP 4, Adobe Flash, XML.

Main features:

  • Pages editing and placement in 4 languages;
  • Various profiles' editing (with complex devision and hierachy); 
  • News bulletins editing;
  • Creation and editing Applications (ready-made works with photo and techical information).