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website design, html & css coding, development


Travellers Blog System

Menogo is the first place focused on the Travel Industry to allow users to complain about the service in order to improve travel experience.

The main subject of discussion is complaints and claims on the service quality provided by tour operators, hotels, airports and other companaies in leisure and tourism business.

The registered users have the following abilities:
- to give the critics of their own;
- to give advice, read other users' comments and join the discussion;
- to contradict critics of other users;
- to subscribe on any discussing topic;

Eurostudio specialists have been supporting the site since 2008.

Industry: Art & entertainment
Scope of work: website design, html & css coding, development


The web portal similar to Web 2.0 where the main content is made by the users themselves. The name of this project can be devided into 3 parts: me-no-go (I will not go). Menogo is the blogs system to discuss tour operators, hotels, airports and other companies which quality left much to be desired for the customer. The user places some critical article, others give the comments on it, disprove or discuss. Also there is a tool "Official Response" when the company itself can give some comments in its defence. Zend Framework was used while developing this project.

 Tools and utilities:

PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, Zend Framework


Main features:

  • Menogo user's registration;
  • Capability to leave a critical message;
  • Commenting the users' messages, three types of the messages is meant: disproof, advice and question;
  • Categories tree and Tag Cloud - standard  elements for blog systems;
  • Capability to subscribe to any "Nogo" to get all notifications from this blog;
  • RSS-translation
  • Search