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The Stock Exchange review

The program is dedicated for the overview and analysis of paper markets and quotation changes.

Industry: Banks & finance
Scope of work:


To develop a program to overview and analyse paper markets and quation changes. 


The developed program allows (1) to look through the content of an HTML-page of the exchange server in order to get the value table of the papers quotation; (2) to keep the obtained data in the database; (3) to build full-featured interactive graphs of the paper quotation trends including "japanese candlsticks", the total turnover, interpolation, weighed average values etc.; (4) to fulfill the technical data analysis with the help of the charts construction according to indicatiors. 

Tools and utilities:

The system is developed with the help of the Borland Delphi. The database is InterBase SQL Server. The system is carried out on the platform Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.


Main features:

  • The search and the overviews of the found HTML-pages in the simplified built-in web-browser;
  • Possibility to enter and change the quotation data