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flash development


Elite Watches website, Switzerland

The website of the company that produces luxury Swiss watches.

The design was provided by the client. Eurostudio accomplished flash animation and data base integration.

The site turns out to be elegant and representative with Flash elements used when developing.

Industry: Consumer goods
Scope of work: flash development


  • This project is a promo-site of the company that deals with the production of extremely expensive watches, the major importance for the client was the development of a beautiful and qualified interface. As a result the interface was created totally in Flash but at the same time it was required to provide a multifunctional administration panel which would allow to setup practically all content of the Flash-part. 
  • The effects thoroughly worked out, qualified animation and a vast volume of the information of different kind is the main advantage of the site developed. It's the information about the company, products catalogue, distributor map etc.


Tools and utilities:

  • PHP, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, Flash, ActionScript.


Problems and solutions:

  • The most serious problem was the absence of clear and distinct specifications. All given was a list of the tasks and a great deal of lay-outs - pictures accoridng to which we were supposed to follow. Another serious problem was a necessity of using dynamically changing data in complex effects that Flash could not solve by standard tools. But these tasks were succesfully fulfilled by the team of the developers. 


Main features:

  • Downloading the pictures for the slide-show (intro, "Phylosophy", news etc.);
  • Goods catalogue (pictures resizing, appropriate photo processing, saving in 3 variants without the loss of quality and its proper image in the interface). It's a three-tier goods catalogue, each tier has its own peculiarities.
  • News and events. Editing from the admin part, imaging in Flash-part, for the news navigation the particular scrolling is used.
  • Distributor map. The most difficult part. In the admin panel the client sets the destination of the definite distributor (there is a large map where with the help of JavaScript the user can set up the coordinates he needs). In the user's part the coordinates are to coincide strictly. 
  • Art Gallery. Another attractive devision from the point of the publuc part.
  • Press Clipping. Magazines' covers that reviewed the company. There is also a possibility to download these articles in PDF format. 
  • Press Kit. That is the closed part for the internal use where various files are laid out and which are divided into categories.