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Design, programming

Flash Music Player

MP3 player for social network. Developed as an entertainning tool to registered users and a tool to attract new visitors.

Industry: Art & entertainment
Scope of work: Design, programming


The developed project appears to be an advanced music player with abilities of displaying in the browser and play-list control. The registered users can place this palyer on the page of their own. I2 types of the player were developed: public and private. Each player has got its own set of functions.

The private part is accessible for the registered users only.It allows to manage the play-list, add and delete new songs, change information about the song.

The public part is accessible to all site visitors. Everyone who looks through the page with the player can listen to the music from the play-list. Besides if the visitor likes the track he can aad it to his play-list.

Also for each player it is forseen to change the skins. Totally 5 different skins were developed (Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Metallic).

The project was entirely customized for the social network where it is used. It allows users to make the play-list of their own which is then automatically saved on the server. The special emphasis was given to the usability of the player interface. 

Problems and solutions:

It was quite enough to develop  a secure system of recognizing the registered user without an ability to study or change the code of the existed application. From onw hand we did not have to turn its identifier into Flash as it would give an intruder an opportunity to falsify it easily and manage the other users' playlists. From the other hand we did not have an access to the network code to find out by which way the users' identification takes place.