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Expenditure obligations register

The system automizes the functions of the State Structure management according to all union state standards and classifications accepted in Russian Federation.

Industry: Banks & finance
Scope of work: Programming


To develop the solution for planning and accounting of the expenditure obligations that meet the standards of the Russian Federation. 


The developed solution realizes a set of classifications, standards and manuals according to which the expenditure obligations accounting are carried out. The solution allows to plan expenditure obligations, keep record of their realization fact, automatically generate reports of different kind responsible for the existed standards.

Tools and utilities:

The solution is developed with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio 8 on the language C# .NET for the platform Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. As the database server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is used.


Main features:

  • The directory assistance developed according to standards and formats  of the design of the expenditure obligations register;
  • The tools of making the planned and the fact register of expenditure obligations for each calendar report period;
  • Automatic report generation according to the expenditure obligations register in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Word 2007 formats;
  • Flexible determination of limits assignation for the definite calendar period;
  • Functions of the quick filling in the grounds for the expenditure obligations uprise out of the existed manuals of regulatory legal acts.