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ERP-system "Stratos"

ERP-system "Stratos" deals with customer's accounting as well as with orders, events, staff, financial flows and payments. The program also carries out the complex evaluation of the company's activity and automizes routine working operations.

Scope of work: Programming


The firm needed a shared network of managing and reporting which would allow to trace the executions of the orders in real time. 


We have developed the ERP-system that could carry out the clients' accounting as well orders, events, staff, financial flows and payments. The program also fulfills the complex evaluation of the company's activity and automizes routine working operations. 

Tools and utilities:

The application is written in Borland Delphi. Database is Sybase SQL Anywhere.

The application works on the platform Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.



 Main features;

  • A quick implementation of the original version with the next following "alive" development on real requirements basis. 
  • Reports in RTF format (MS Word): A possibility to  edit templates without the help of programmers, save the documents in any MS Word format, send ready-made documents via e-mail, keep the documents apart from the program etc. 
  • A possibility to unload simple database charts into MS Excel or into the templates of Excel-documents prepared in advance.
  • Construction of complex interactive graphs of the company's financial standing analysis.
  • The detailed system of the access rights to the program with the users' devision into the groups.
  • The reminded system: reminders are  automatically created when entering a new undone task and deleted when it is completed.
  • The automatic arrangement of an employee's working sheet on the basis of the taskes undone and expired. The working sheet is dynamically updated according the changes of the data in the system.