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Document Management System and MS SharePoint Portal Server

Document Management System and Portal. Integration of the DMS LANDocs into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007.

Industry: Banks & finance
Scope of work: Programming


To provide Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007 users with the access to the information kept on Document Management System LANDocs with the access rights remained. Being as the result PO complex caries out the following functions:
1. Automated generation of the database archives in MOSS;
2. Automated information publication from DMS LANDocs into MOSS archives made on a regular basis;
3. Provision of the search function as well as the function of filtration and data revision published in the MOSS archives for its users with the access rights remained;
4. Configuration and settings adjustment of the complex work by the user-administrator.


We have developed the complex PO – a set of the components, services, modules and tools that solve the task of the DMS LANDocs system integration into SharePoint Portal. The solution is built upon the number of active users exceeding 3000 and usage of large enterprises in the Intranet. The solution is successfully implemented in one of the largest banks of the country.

Tools and technologies:

The development platform Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 was used. The system is worked out with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 on