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Eurostudio is a full service web and software development company. We provide high quality development services to make your business more effective.

We build only search engine friendly sites that meet w3c and accessibility standarts.


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Development Costs

Each project is unique. Judging by the nature of the task, Eurostudio can offer you either a fixed-price or a time and material price basis.

We try to give our clients a clear estimates of potential costs on any project before development begins. However, sometimes it is not possible because of the absence of clear and detailed requirements from the customer.

If our partner cannot provide requirements with the necessary detail and guidelines to follow, we apply the following approach.

First we compile potential pricing for each stage of the project according to the initial information. After the numbers have been approved, we proceed with working out and documenting detailed project requirements. The final design document is usually accompanied by a prototype in the form of an HTML wire-frame or graphical mock-ups. When we finish formatting the requirements specification, we re-examine and fix the estimates for the rest of the project. Usually the costs do not deviate much from the original evaluation. When we work with continually changing requirements in enterprise applications, maintenance with a dedicated team of specialists and stable monthly pay can be offered.

The financial benefits of working with offshore outsourcing partners are directly connected with the development efforts outsourced and the work performed offshore. The effectiveness of this strategy is best felt when the entire development is outsourced and all the work is performed offshore. However this can be risky for the client, as the outsource organization gains full control of the product, sometimes reducing the role of the customer-company to marketing. This approach should only be used if you have control over the intellectual property rights and possess an ownership stake in the partner-company.

Prices for the website development 


Type of work Price
Logo design from 250 euro
Corporate identity design (visiting cards, letter forms, envelopes) from 100 euro
Brochure design from 300 euro
Flash banner from 180 euro
Small website with CMS from 1200 euro
Flash website with CMS from 2000 euro
Corporate website with CMS and product catalog from 2200 euro
E-commerce, informational portal from 2500 euro


You can find out the exact cost of the website development by filling in the online-form or by requesting for information.