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Eurostudio is a full service web application and software development company.

We provide high quality development services to make your business more effective.


Eurostudio, Ltd.

RUSSIA, Novosibirsk

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Offshore software product development

Our production process

We want our customers to get the best quality service possible. What do we mean by quality? It deals not only with the product or service, but with the production process.

Eurostudio has a very formalized production process and production development mechanisms. Our project management methods allow us to make the production process as clear as possible.

Quality is the most important business concept for us. It is a lifestyle, an ideology that keeps all the pieces of our company together. A high quality of services always comes first with EuroStudio. Quality assurance methods allow the managers to lay out improvements of production, to understand clients' needs and maintain the transparency of development.

We continue to work on improving all the development processes. We take into consideration modern tendencies in the field of quality and project management.

The following fundamental principles define the working strategy of our company:

  1. Working with the client
    To deliver the best possible offshore software product development we need to understand clients’ needs, meet their requirements and surpass their expectations.
  2. Constant quality improvement
    EuroStudio management created the organizational structure that is open to constant quality improvement.
  3. Employee involvement
    EuroStudio created the necessary conditions to bring up the creative potential of each specialist and to use their skills and experience for the benefit of the company and its clients. Our management promotes team achievements as the total results of collective work always surpass the sum of the results from each individual designer.
  4. Process means result
    We consider resources and activities as the processes required to achieve the best possible result.
  5. System-defined approach
    Our management applies the system approach that allows us to observe all parallel and intervening processes and to make sure that the products and services satisfy the Customer's needs. The project and quality management methodologies combined with the extensive toolkit give us the opportunity to improve the production process to be in compliance with the third level of Capability Maturity Model (CMM).


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