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Eurostudio is a full service web and software development company. We provide high quality development services to make your business more effective.

We build only search engine friendly sites that meet w3c and accessibility standards.


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IT Development Partnership

Eurostudio is a great outsourcing partner for many web development firms, advertising companies and bright individuals who wish to form an partnership to cope with their software and web development. Eurostudio provides cost effective services and great support for different clients.

Our customers can fall into one of these categories:

IT Company
You work in web development and website design and want to expand your business minimizing the costs. You feel the necessity to give your clients cost effective and quality applications. You are looking for a potential outsourcing partner with great experience in IT-development. You want a solid partnership with someone who has done several projects and has positive feedback from their customers. You may be too busy with your internal development and new projects or with the changing requirements. In this situation you should consider Eurostudio as your main outsourcing partner who can independently handle a web development project. You clients won’t even notice, that a third-party was used to develop their web project.

Advertising company
Web development is not your main business, but you want to offer such services to your clients (for example, as a part of a full-fledged advertising campaign). Eurostudio can be your outsourcing partner. Our company possesses the flexibility to make web development cheap, efficient and fast. Eurostudio can work directly with your client or stay in the background, acting as an anonymous outsourcing partner.

IT Professional/freelance developer
You look for clients and work independently. Often some projects are too big or require special technical expertise and experience. In these cases you can always turn to Eurostudio, which acts as a reliable outsourcing partner, working in software and web development. Our company forms a flexible price, states the development time, creates design and helps with many other tasks.

Business executive
Your business is not directly connected with Internet, but you want to have a web presence. We can provide you with qualified help in web development by providing project estimates and quickly developing the website for a great price


Since 2002 we have finished over 450 projects of various levels of complexity for companies from:
Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, the USA, Canada, Australia and Russia.


We create websites and web applications for clients in various business fields:

  • Financing and banking
  • Loans, credits and mortgages
  • Real estate
  • Legal services
  • Electronic commerce
  • Web hosting
  • IT services
  • Hotels and Travelling
  • Automotive industry
  • Retail and Consumer products
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Sport
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • etc.

If you do not associate yourself with the aforementioned categories feel free to contact us and become one of our partners. We are always open to new cooperation options.

The following partnership models are available:

Outsourcing projects size, specifications and complexity define various service models which help to make the development cost-effective and finish work on time. You can pick one of these two partnership models:


Have some concerns about outsourcing?

Your doubts are absolutely understandable. To answer all your questions we have developed a special program for our potential outsourcing partners called “Trial Project”. This service will illustrate all the advantages and conveniences of working with us.


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