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Eurostudio is a full service web and software development company. We provide high quality development services to make your business more effective.

We build only search engine friendly sites that meet w3c and accessibility standarts.


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Webdesign and development: FAQs


How much does it cost to develop a website?

Just inquire from a building company about the price of a house. First they will ask you a number of clarifing questions to give the final answer. The same is true of the website. First of all, you need to submit, what is the site functionality, how it's going to look, how complicated it should be. The specific amount can be called only after a detailed discussion of requirements and preparation of Technical Specification.

How to place the ready-made website in the Internet?

There are three ways of the site placement:on the server of your internet-provider, on the hired server of teh hosting provider and, at last, on the server of your own placed inside the company. A lot of companies use web hosting services.

How to update information on the live site?

If you plan to update the site yourself we recommend that you install the Content Management System (CMS). With the intuitive visual editor you can easily edit the sections of the site and the information on web pages. Working with CMS is no more difficult than working with MS Word, so even without knowledge of HTML, you can easily and quickly update the site.

What's more profitable: the most update site or contact you

Perhaps, from a financial point of view once more advantageous to pay for CMS to create a site and then make changes to the working site yourself. However, if for any reason you are unable to support the site, we are always ready to help you. We will help not only in time to update the information on the site, but also to undertake the necessary work on its search engine optimization, as well as to advise you on possible ways of development of the site to attract more visitors. For more information about this service, you will find in the support sites.

We are located in another city. Can we order the development of the site at your company? If yes, how the working process will be organized?

Of course, you can order a site in "Eurostudio". We have successful experience of remote work in this area, including European and American customers. We succesfully manage the project on the phone, by e-mail and ICQ. All documentation is sent via e-mail or, where necessary, by registered letter or fax. Payment is made through bank transfers.

Do I have to write a detailed specification? How do I make?

The Technical Specificaation (TS) primarily determines what, when and how it should be done. In the specifications the structure of the site or application (sections and subsections), the requirements for navigation, design, functionality are prescribed clearly and in details. If you do not have TS, do not worry. We are always ready to help you make it, and often do it together with the customer. The work begins only after the approval of TS by the customer, and that is the document that is used for the formulation of the problem to designers and programmers.

What is the better picture format for you to send for the site?

When it comes to photographs and illustrations - JPG, TIFF.
If you mean the company logo, we ask to send mock-ups in the CDR, or PSD.

What should I do if I do not like the result?

Let's start with the fact that it has never happened during 7 years of our practice. To prevent this from happening in the future, we at the very beginning find out your wishes to the structure, functionality and appearance of the site or application. Then, throughout the work on the project, we are in constant kontact with you and at each stage and are glad to evaluate the intermediate result. This helps to make timely adjustments to the elaboration process and eliminate the expensive and time-consuming edits in the final. Thus, the probability that the final result will not meet your expectations, is practically zero.