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Programming, Design


CyberPlat Cinema

The system of cinema ticket sales with the help of the telecommunication payment acceptance terminal.

Industry: Art & entertainment
Scope of work: Programming, Design


To develop PO CyberPlat - the cellular network payment acceptance system - by adding the function of ticket sales to the cinemas of “Art Science Cinema Distribution” company, Novosibirsk.


“Eurostudio” has developed the module for PO CyberPlat that solves this task. Taking into consideration the particularity of PO CyberPlat, the module development is made in С++ language. The administrative console-server is also implemented. It is for use to register the cinema ticket sales terminals (apart from CyberPlat function of telecommunication payment acceptance), to administer their adjustments, to diagnose the condition etc. The console development is made for Microsoft.NET platform. The present solution is successfully implemented and operates in some cinemas of Novosibirsk, as well as in several places of mobile phone payment acceptance.

Tools and technologies:

Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 5, Microsoft SQL
Server 2005, Microsoft .NET, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, SSL).

Main features:

  • Support of extra terminal hardware: Metrologic bar code scans and printers with fiscal recorder ШТРИХ-М;
  • Generation and printing of bar codes on tickets with the help of the printer;
  • Presence of a separate service console that implements the following functions: terminal settings distance control of all ticket sales network; data capture of ticket sales in real time; report provision, organization of dealer and sub-dealer networks hierarchy;
  • Usage of the personal JavaScript objects library that allows to create objects of the graphic interface on common HTML pages and fully perform difficult functions with the help of the “touch-screen” payment acceptance terminal such as, for instance, the selection of the vacant seat in the cinema hall.