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ERP-system "Post service"

The system of an enterprise business automation providing courier and post services. The system automates the majority of business processes: employees’ record, accounting, sales, production, warehouse logistics, budget planning.

Industry: Transport & delivery
Scope of work: Programming


To develop an ERP-system that entirely automates business-processes of an enterprise providing courier and post services.


The present solution implements the system “client-server”. It allows the users of the branch offices located in different cities of the country to work via Internet using the data from the integrated central server. The system consists of the number of packages each of which includes a toolset for the automation of exact sphere of the company activity. It is employees’ record, accounting, sales, production, warehouse logistics, budget planning.

Tools and technologies:

The system is developed for the Microsoft.NET Framework platform on C# .NET language with the use of the integration tools Microsoft Office Interop Assemblies. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is used as the database server.

Main features:

  • The ability to implement the system in an enterprise consisting of different subdivisions located in various cities;
  • The system integration with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 (Microsoft Excel и Microsoft Word);
  • Administration of address database from different cities with the opportunity to data import and export;
  • Usable planning and budget making tools. Administration of the hierarchy of charge articles;
  • Flexible price-list system;
  • The ability to write up as local orders so the regional ones conducted simultaneously in different cities of the country;
  • Automated preparation of the order document package: the service contract, budget, report of completion, advance and final invoices;
  • Advanced numerical algorithms of courier route scheduling and optimization, as well as making an itinerary sheet from different orders with due consideration of such parameters as a courier’s working day length, a bag maximum weight, his movement speed and preferences to work in appropriate city districts;
  • Usable warehouse logistics tools: accounting of expected supplies, debit and credit, writing off the left over stock.